Upcoming Shows and Updates

While it's been a long time since news was posted on the site, there's also been little news to report.  I have  moved, I'm just about settled down, and am beginning the hard work of rebuilding momentum with my current projects.  As you may have noticed, I'm still not accepting Magic cards via mail for autographs.  I apologize for this, but between mail delivery issues and backlogged projects, my house is not a safe environment to send your cards to.  Should the situation change, I'll update the news page, as well as my contact page.

I have three upcoming appearances to mention.  In chronological order, they are:

May 18-20: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!, which will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Kansas City, Missouri's own Bartle Hall Convention.  I'll have my work on display along with somewhere around 200 other amazing artists.  I'll have originals, sketches, proofs, and prints to peruse, and, of course, I'll be there ready to chat with anyone who might be interested.  I can be found in booth number 604.  Further details about that show can be found here.

June 2: I will be a guest at a Magic tournament in St. Louis, Missouri.  I'm still awaiting the details, but I assure you that if it happens, I'll be there and will be happy to sign whatever you throw in front of me.

July 20-22:  Magic: The Gathering, Grand Prix, to be held in the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Fellow artist Steve Prescott and myself will be there to sign cards, chat you up, and possibly sell you some of our wares.  As soon as I have a link for that event, I'll be adding it to this list.

So, that's all for appearances lined up in the near future.  I do have IlluxCon coming up toward the end of the year, but I'll update everyone on that one once we're a bit closer.  Aside from that, I think it's worth mentioning that the gallery will likely be getting a bit of a revamp in the near future.  Some old stuff will be sent to retire, and some new stuff will finally be put up, so stay tuned for that.

Finally, it's worth noting that until recently, I've pretty much only accepted PayPal, cash, and the occassional personal check for payment for prints, proofs and original art.  That has changed.  I now accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  If nothing else, people interested in picking something up now have more options, and the whole shebang should be a lot more convenient.  When the larger gallery update happens, I'll likely be posting that information in the contacts page, as well.

Well, back to work!


On the Road Again. I Think.

Just a quick update here to let everyone know that I will likely be moving in the months ahead.  Not sure where.  Not sure when, but it will be happening.  As such, I will no longer be accepting cards via mail for signatures.  It's going to be far too chaotic for me to keep track of things, and I just don't want anyone's property to get lost in the mail.  Perhaps, once the dust settles and calm is regained, this situation will change, but for now I need to begin wrapping things up at my current home and begin preparing for what exciting mysteries await.


Just When I Think I'm Out...

They pull me back in.

I thought I was done this year as far as personal appearances went.  Not so, apparently.  I have two additions to make to the list, and they're both in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

September 2-4: Magic Pro Tour in Philadelphia, taking place at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  I will be there along with fellow Magic Illustrator Eric Deschamps, signing, shaking hands, and doing a bit of drawing.  It'll be good to meet some more Magic fans there, and I look forward to it!  All pertinent information regarding the event can be found here: link.

November 3-6:  Illuxcon in Altoona.  I don't have all the specifics on this one, but the Illuxcon website has all the artist list and I'm sure will soon have other pertinant bits for you fine folks to digest.

That's about all for now.  I'm pretty sure I've got everything, but I'm sure I've left something out...  If I did, it'll be posted above.  Cheers!


Japan Thanks, Connecticon Reminder, Mail News

Well, I'm back from Japan and eyeballs deep in the backlogged work.  Fortunately, I'm starting to dig myself out a bit and am making progress one painting at a time.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the Nagoya Pro Tour event.  Thanks to Ron Foster at Wizards for giving me the opportunity in the first place, for the help he provided in my subsequent travels, and for all the good times.  Thanks to Matt Danner who made an unreasonable number of trips to the Circle K, found me a garbage can, and made sure that I wanted for absolutely nothing while I was there.  Thanks to Toby Maheras, Mark Purvis and everyone else at Wizards.  I really had a great time (TOO good a time some might argue), and appreciate everything.

I'd also like to thank the fans who were awesome, as always.  I continue to be very fortunate to have folks who seem to dig what I do for some reason or another.  Truth be told, if it weren't for the fans, I wouldn't have a career in illustration and I am very grateful for their continued support and kind words.  Thanks a ton!

Finally, I'd like to thank a few folks in particular for the gifts.  Thanks to Seishirou, Ohkubo, Masaobu Kondou, Yuusuke Yamamoto, and Junji Tsukamoto for the shadow box art they made for me.  Thanks to Dalibor for the bookmarks and the tasty treats from Mexico.  And thanks to all the rest of those who bestowed me with gifts whose names I failed to catch.  I apologize for missing your names, but greatly appreciate the fan and the delicious deserts.  I don't know what I did to deserve any of it, but I really am thankful for all of it.

Now, just as a reminder my next appearance will be July 8-10 at Connecticon in Hartford, Connecticut.  As before, here is the pertinent information for that con: link.  Unfortunately, I will not be at GenCon this year and after Connecticon, will likely only be at one further event this year which has not yet been finalized.  Should that change, I'll be posting the information here.

Finally, I want to let you know that I will be opening my mailbox back up to mailed cards as of July 15th.  I should finally be on top of everything by then and my travel schedule will have eased significantly.  As was the case before, I will require that you email me before sending any cards so I know to expect them and so I can help you avoid sending things when I won't be home to receive them.  Also, as before, I will require that a self-addressed stamped envelope be included in the package.  So, in just a couple weeks feel free to send away!


Big, Big Update

First off, I've added four new pieces of art to the gallery: Phyrexian Hulk, Glistening Oil, Etched Monstrosity, and Surrender, which was the art for the Magic card "Surgical Extraction," and the piece I got into Spectrum 18 which comes out this fall.  Hope you enjoy them.

Secondly, I thought I'd update everyone on the card mailing situation.  I am planning on accepting cards again starting sometime this summer.  I think I've managed to work out the kinks with the Postal Service, but in the meantime, I'll be traveling enough that it's unlikely that I'll be at home to receive anyones cards.  So, as soon as my schedule smooths out, I'll open the mailing up and anyone that's interested can send their stuff my way.  Watch this news page for updates!

Thirdly, I wanted to give a list of upcoming appearances with a little more detail.  So, here goes:

  • May 27-29 I will be appearing at the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix tournament in Providence, Rhode Island.  The event will take place at the Rhode Island Convention Center.  Other artists appearing include RK Post, Lars Grant-West, Ryan Pancoast, and possibly Cyril Van Der Haegen.  Additional information about the event can be found here: link.  Should be a good time and I look forward to seeing everyone there!
  • June 10-12 I will be appearing at the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour event in Nagoya, Japan.  Everything you need to know about this one can be found here: link.  Also appearing will be the artist commonly known as Daarken.  This should be a really interesting one and I'm definitely looking forward to it.  The culture shock alone will be well worth the trip!
  • July 8-10 I will be appearing at Connecticon in Hartford, Connecticut.  I know little about other guests at the moment, but in the meantime, you can check out the website here: link.

I will be updating with more information as it applies to these events and others as things solidify in the coming weeks.  Otherwise, I encourage you to check out the links provided.  I will be present at the events above, ready to sign whatever is put in front of me, to draw and whatnot, and show off and sell my wares.  Please stop on by if any of the events happen to be in your area.

Finally, I just want to remind folks that I have a blog and I update it fairly often.  It's got everything from tales of my childhood to recent works and sketches to articles with tips on being an illustrator for you to peruse.  I encourage you all to check it out and take a look at some of what I have to say.  If nothing else, it provides a nice peak behind the curtain of the life of this illustrator.  You can either follow the link above or just click here.  Also, please follow the blog if you're so inclined.  It's easy and the link to do so is right there on the blog itself.

Well, that just about wraps things up for now.  I'm off to get some drawing and painting done now.  Cheers!